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Penetration Enhancer

Novel Penetration Enhancer (in Medical-Grade Skincare Products and Drug Delivery)


During the development of ASP5006, we recognized that intraocular injections might induce fear and inconvenience for patients, potentially delaying the timing of treatment. Treatments such as insulin also involve injections, considering the inconvenience of needles. Therefore, oral and transdermal delivery methods are currently being developed to make treatment more convenient for patients.


As a result, we have developed a novel Penetration Enhancer (PE). This technology appears to transform treatment methods that typically require injections or oral administration into topical formulations, greatly enhancing treatment acceptability and convenience. Additionally, we are considering the application and modification of some clinically used and proven-safe molecular components for the development of cosmetic products. This approach can bring new possibilities to the field of medical-grade skincare products while ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the products.


The initial PE plan comprises four major directions: drug delivery, fat reduction, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory.

We will initially focus on the production of PE, confirming its purity, some physicochemical properties, and its ability to facilitate substance penetration into the skin. After identifying suitable proportions, we will proceed to patent the product. Subsequently, safety and functionality tests will be conducted, and upon completion, we will apply for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) certification.

INCI is an international standard for naming cosmetic ingredients, used to label the names of ingredients contained in cosmetics. The importance of INCI cosmetic naming lies in providing a transparent, accurate, and standardized way to describe cosmetic ingredients, thereby safeguarding consumer rights, promoting safety assessments, and assisting professionals in offering effective recommendations. This contributes to ensuring transparency and credibility in the cosmetics market. Through INCI certification, we can increase opportunities for exporting to foreign markets, expanding the sales of PE beyond the domestic market.


We expect to complete the development of PE and the INCI application within the coming year. Following that, we will shift our focus toward the medical-grade skincare product field, starting with localized fat reduction, followed by the development of an antioxidant NMN combination, and subsequently ASC peptide anti-inflammatory products. Next, we will consider licensing or partnering with other contract manufacturers in need of new medical aesthetic products. This business model will allow us to gradually introduce new products through the PE medical-grade skincare platform, generating significant revenue for the company.

With revenue generated from the medical-grade skincare product sector, the company's financial stability will improve, enabling us to pursue a more sustainable path in new drug development in the long term.

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